As the prime movers and motivating force behind the Beyond Today Sports Institute, Lisa Misipeka and Bryant Allen have over 60 years together dedicated to empowering and ensuring that every student athlete has the guidance and opportunities they need to succeed in becoming a Future Professional Person. To help define and guide their own actions, they have established the following criteria for the Institute they lead:


The Beyond Today Sports Institute strives to empower through education and serve as a guide to every student athlete and their families during one of the most trying times in a young adult's maturation years. We have a process dedicated to aligning each student athlete on the right track through elementary, middle, and high school to ensure a seamless and purposeful transition to their next grade level.


To empower, nurture, prepare and temper the state of mind of every adolescent student through the power and conviction of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the champion brands' classic and selfless staff and innovative methodologies that make ours the World's Premier Dynamic Performance Enrichment Center


The Beyond Today Sports Institute looks to identify each Student Athlete's academic, athletic, and spiritual aspirations through B.A.G. setting; determining their Big Audacious Goals. More importantly, establish their willingness to work towards their B.A.G. With over 25 years of collegiate experience, 5 Academic All American honors, 3 Olympic performances, and 18 years of successful college recruitment and placement, BTSI will use battle tested philosophies and strategies to ensure a relentless pursuit to motivating every student athlete to expect more and to personally do more. BTSI operates hand in hand with each student athlete and their families to develop a very personal and unique plan for success.

The BTSI Village will teach your students to be successful and productive members of society based on the following Core Values:

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