About BTSI

The Beyond Today Sports Institute serves as a catalyst for passionate inspiration by mentoring student athletes of all ages, abilities, and disciplines. We successfully guide each Student Athlete through customized education, train them to use a high performance mindset, and expose them to a scientific approach to biomechanics and human performance. BTSI has successfully navigated our student athletes through the uncharted world of youth sports, NCAA education, finding the right high school and/or College home, and lastly; continually engrain the important concept of thinking Beyond Today as every Student Athlete comes to realize their most purposeful selves.


  • Able to expedite strategies and experiences to you from competing in 3 Olympic Games, 3 World Championships, 8 SEC Championships, 6 NCAA Championships, and 30 years of competition
  • 20+ years of experience recruiting & guiding over 3,500 student athletes
  • 99% graduation rate with a 4-year degree
  • Coached over 50 NCAA Academic All-Americans, 25 NCAA Champions, and 15 Olympians
  • Mentored over 1500 adolescent student athletes
  • Worked as a Motivational Speaker for the DEA
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