About Lisa

Lisa is a 3-time Olympian, 11 time NCAA All American, 5-time NCAA Academic All American, 2-time NCAA Champion, World Championship Bronze Medalist, South Carolina Woman of the Year, has been inducted into multiple Halls of Fame (Southeastern Conference, University of South Carolina, City of Riverside, Temecula Valley High School), and the first ever American Samoan Track & Field Athlete to rank 3rd in the World as well as medal in a World Championship.

Lisa is a highly sought-after motivational speaker with clients such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, YMCA, SEC Coaches conventions, multiple Chambers of Commerce around the country, Special Olympics, and the Drug Enforcement Agency, in addition to having been a University Commencement speaker and much more. Lisa's message will ignite your spirit to think Beyond Today with one goal in mind; reaching for your most successful you!

Lisa has over 20 years of NCAA college recruiting and coaching experience. She realized her purpose and developed a passion for developing student athletes' mental, physical, and spiritual growth in 1999 by starting HYPE, her "How You Perceive Excellence" training platform. Lisa has successfully trained over 300 middle school and high school student athletes to achieve success well beyond their initial goals. As a transformational leader, Lisa prioritizes development of behavioral and cognitive skills including goals setting, time management, and a strong, intrinsic work ethic.

As a member of the President's Commission for Human Relations and Equity at California State University, Fresno, Lisa is committed to ensuring every student athlete has a purpose, a voice, and a plan as they venture through the sometimes intimidating and uncharted world of youth sports and NCAA recruitment. No manual or set of directions exists to help student athletes and their families on their personal journey. Lisa will provide real-time assistance to each individual and their families. The process might begin in middle school, high school or in college, or her assistance may be needed as a student transitions between middle schools, high schools, or colleges. Change is intimidating and full of uncertainties. Lisa's goal is to help students understand the importance of, and how to achieve, a balance between academics, sport, and family and social life.

Lisa has assisted over 400 student athletes enter higher education. She has established professional and personal contact with coaches, admissions directors, financial aid representatives, NCAA compliance teams, academic counselors, university athletic directors and presidents, and she is excited to make these contacts available to you through the BTSI. Lisa has experience and contacts at notable institutions like UCLA, USC, Berkeley, Stanford, Washington, Oregon, Arizona State, University of Arizona, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Fresno, Cal State Northridge, Harvard, Northeastern, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, UConn, University of South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, and many more.

Lisa was born in Torrance to her father Fancy, an American Samoan native, and her mother Barbara, a first generation German American. They met in Riverside where Fancy earned a full athletic scholarship to play football at the University of California, Riverside. Fancy, a machinist, and Barbara, an endocrinologist assistant, were extremely hard-working parents whose lives centered around their three kids, Lisa, Trevor, and Andrew. All three children earned full athletic scholarships; Lisa to the University of South Carolina, Trevor to Idaho State, and Andrew to Kansas Wesleyan University. Lisa credits her parents as the inspiration for her passion to work hard, her self-belief, and her attention to detail. These are traits Lisa exemplifies and wants to communicate.

Today, Lisa has an amazing husband who serves as the Director of Branding & Marketing and Community Partnerships of The Beyond Sports Institute. They have been together for 26 years, and they believe their strong faith, aligned morals, and coincident values are the recipe for their successful partnership. They have two beautiful children, Bryson Taiulu, age 13, and Rhyan Manaia-Bell, age 9. Bryson Taiulu plays the piano, loves basketball, baseball, and football, is a point guard, and plays on the AAU basketball team, Aim High for Kenny "the Jet" Smith. Rhyan Manaia-Bell plays the ukulele, loves tennis, basketball, and arts & crafts. She currently plays tennis at the Brymer Lewis Tennis Academy in Newport Beach under the watchful eye of Coach Chris Lewis. Coach Lewis was a former Wimbledon finalist for New Zealand.

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