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Beyond Today helps achieve individual and team goals by teaching students how to develop a powerfully positive state of mind! BTSI's curriculum stimulates boundless, forceful energy, leading to constant evolution and progress within our student's minds, bodies, and souls. BTSI's Dynamic Performance state of mind encompasses a laser sharp focus on the process alongside a relentless drive towards results in the classroom, on the playing field, and as a person.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Lisa coaches the WHOLE athlete. Not only does she know the mechanics of the sport and training, but she also pays attention to camaraderie, psyche and motivation. She's concerned with the athlete both on and off the field and works just as hard on both. She's a committed, hard worker - just what you'd expect from someone with her background. Her motivation techniques are proven - she consistently improves every athlete's performance, helping them to place in national spotlights consistently.

Former Softball Player, Current College Career Center Professional

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