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The Beyond Today Mindset

The Beyond Today Mentality is not a product, it's a lifestyle. It took over 30 years of living, losing, winning, and learning to create the Beyond Today Mentality. In short, if you are like Lisa, an average person with an unaverage work ethic, you already possess the mustard seed necessary to grow into a fortified and tempered FPP (Future Professional Person) Lisa uses a multifaceted mix of unparalleled storytelling, unique phraseology, Lisa's Language, and honest-talk to expedite her tried, true, and tested mentality to her Villagers.

The Beyond Today Mentality uses your struggle as your gift.

The Beyond Today Mentality is "a psychological approach...affirming that human acts are understandable and predictable only through an analysis of the previous experiences and motivational states of the organism rather than through a simple description of the objective stimuli temporally preceding human acts."

One-on-One Sessions

The best Students and Athletes have "Tight Minds & Loose Bodies" when they perform at their optimal levels. In order to function in this state of mind, a Student and Athlete must shift quickly and efficiently into a state of "FLOW." Sign up for One on One sessions with the founder of the Beyond Today Sports Institute, Lisa Misipeka, to begin your journey to becoming a BTSI Certified Warrior in the Art of Life, Academics, and Athletics.

Restoration Circles

Student Athletes who attend the Beyond Today Sports Academy will embark on a robust, 10 - month curriculum created to empower, nurture, inspire, and temper their minds and hearts.

Beyond Today Café

Experience the Beyond Today Mentality in your organization, school, and company events. As well as follow us on social media to stay connected and updated on BTSI sanctioned symposiums and events.

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