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Lisa Misipeka and Bryant Allen are the driving force behind the Beyond Today Sports Institute, and have been individually and jointly involved in student athletics for many years. They have helped mold the minds and careers of many college athletes, and without exception their students are grateful to have been a part of their programs. Below are just a few of the wonderful testimonies given by past students and parents.

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Respectful and Professional

May 10, 2018
…I cannot deny the limitless joy that [Lisa] has brought her athletes. I have watched her mold athletes who were considered lazy, weak, or unmotivated into athletes who trained harder and more consistently. In addition to infusing these athletes with new found passion she managed to do so in a way that did not lead to them detesting her, a feat I have seen countless coaches struggle with. Although Coach Lisa was not my direct Coach she often asked about my well-being, not in concern for whether or not I could be ready for Championship time but in concern for my improvement as an individual than as an athlete…her concern stemmed first for my well-being as a person…Her respect, professionalism, and genuineness of character has been demonstrated even after my graduation.
Former Division 1 Track & Field Student Athlete (2 x NCAA Championship Qualifier)

She's a Committed, Hard Worker

May 10, 2018
Lisa coaches the WHOLE athlete. Not only does she know the mechanics of the sport and training, but she also pays attention to camaraderie, psyche and motivation. She's concerned with the athlete both on and off the field and works just as hard on both. She's a committed, hard worker - just what you'd expect from someone with her background. Her motivation techniques are proven - she consistently improves every athlete's performance, helping them to place in national spotlights consistently.
Former Softball Player, Current College Career Center Professional

She is genuine, kind, hardworking

May 10, 2018
Being coached by Lisa not only heightened my athletic career but also enriched by understanding of what it meant to be a genuine and kind human being. From day one of practice, Lisa instilled in me the work ethic and determination to be the best athlete and young woman I could possibly be. She continually supported me throughout my redshirt senior season, both on and off the playing field…While doing all of the duties of running a successful college program, she always found time to be there for her athletes. I would have weekly meetings with her to discuss many topics from my graduate level classes to how my body was recovering from workouts to how my family was doing. She truly cares about her athlete’s personal, educational, and athletics lives. As an athlete, I have had many coaches throughout my high school and college careers, Lisa Misipeka was truly the best coach to ever coach me. She is genuine, kind, hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable, and honest person…
Former Basketball / Track & Field / Volleyball Student Athlete (4 x Letter Winner, 3 x All-State rec

Lisa is the Most Caring and Compassionate of People

May 10, 2018
She [Lisa] has devoted her career to strengthening the aspirations of young people, instilling confidence, self-belief, and a strong work ethic…On more than one occasion I sought Lisa’s counsel on how best as a parent I could help my daughters to perform at their best in a challenging sports environment and at the same time balance school work with the importance of family and social time…Lisa’s curriculum vita demonstrates she is highly qualified…What a vita sometimes hides is the individual behind the list of accomplishments and achievements. I have the pleasure of knowing her personally…Lisa will do everything in her power to give young athletes a voice. She will work collaboratively with colleagues to meet the complex, unique, and inevitable challenges that arise each year within interscholastic sports. She will listen…She will work tirelessly…She is highly principled. And she is morally grounded…I have had deep and meaningful conversations with Lisa about how to help young people embrace the importance of being a good and giving person, an empathetic teammate, a committed athlete, and a student dedicated to the highest academic achievement. I have witnessed her coach. I have listened to her speak. Lisa is the most caring and compassionate of people…
Professional Athlete / Coach / Professor / Parent of Student Athlete
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